Alexander Christodoulakis

Alexander Christodoulakis is an International Financier and as CEO of PBS SA Capital Group, is the lead investment executive who manages an international portfolio of companies, including Portland Marine Group of Companies. PBS SA, a financial group, has a constantly growing diversified international portfolio of companies under its management.

PBS SA Capital oversees a comprehensive global portfolio of company- group asset holdings in markets, ranging from transport, shipping and energy to other industrial sectors. The main operations of PBS SA Capital are in financial services, alternative asset management, capital markets and corporate management services.

In recent years, Alexander’s activities have been focused on a growth strategy. His main focus has been to grow, expand and re-position companies. His previous experience in this key strategy made him one of the world’s youngest successful asset managers, for his age, at the time; resulting in the management of one of the world’s largest shipbuilding portfolios, including a world- class, largest in the sector, clean-tech portfolio.

Today delivering calibrated financial solutions and tactical corporate services that encourage vessel and asset growth. Alexander also fulfills merchant and investment banking functions and is experienced in stock market listings and secondary listings worldwide.

Alexander and his management teams provide global finance solutions, access to international capital markets, corporate finance and corporate management services. Alexander’s growth strategy enables companies to grow and expand with his vertically integrated management system.

His management system also assists companies to reduce time and costs, while in the process of the growth, expansion or repositioning phases. The system directly contributes to asset and enterprise value growth.

Alexander’s PBS SA Capital Group provides a full range of financial services which include and are not limited to:

Debt Financing | Capital Equity | Global Listings

Companies and strategic partners of Alexander’s PBS SA Capital Group are provided a full range of financial services along with first class corporate management services, all under one management operation. The corporate management also acts as an incubator and accelerator for the companies under management.

One of the few support mechanisms for the financial operations of PBS SA Capital are the global corporate management services which are truly global.

His firm has a different approach for different types of enterprise and enterprise sizes. Catering to the three main types of enterprise types:

Small Cap | Middle Cap | Large Cap

Using his vertically integrated management system within his corporate portfolio has also helped to provide companies under management with a degree of stability and sustainability in highly volatile global markets at times.

Moreover, Alexanders’ PBS SA Capital Group furnishes financial solutions to corporate strategic partners requiring specialized private and public strategic mergers. Alexander is Toronto based but also works from his international business units around the world.

Over two decades, Alexander has continuously created proven, standard and unconventional financial solutions which have contributed to great advantages for companies around the world.

To learn more about Alexander Christodoulakis, visit his professional overview site or his shipping/marine/energy blog.