The current focus of Alexander Christodoulakis is on discretionary investments, financing, asset management and corporate management via PBS SA Capital Group, which also covers a large range of major stock market and alternative market holdings across the globe. Alexander developed a maverick reputation for his swift market maneuvers, innovative and unorthodox, yet highly competitive financial solutions during challenging volatile market conditions.

He implemented his own business code of conduct by “sticking by the side of co-investors” at difficult times and made it possible for them to have minimum losses due to the market crash of 2008. Although a herculean task, he gained acclaim as a preferred partner with most banks and funds around the world. A large number of leading hedge funds and senior VP’s from banks said that they have never come across a man with such strong professional work ethics.

Alexander in his professional and entrepreneurial career has encountered most of the different aspects of crises that have taken place in both the financial and industrial worlds. He has overcome the difficult economic headwinds that included the collapse of the shipping and the financial crisis markets which both hit at 2008.

Many months prior to the crises, based on his own research and financial instincts, he exited the majority of his positions in the market, prior to the time when both crises hit.

During 2008’s financial and shipping crises there were vast market case studies of many of the events that took place at the time. Alexander, in spite of his invaluable assistance to his co-investors, who he helped for them to either salvaged millions of dollars or in the worst case the retained capital which was close to what they had initially invested, he further fortified and reengineered the protective mechanisms for stronger capital protection.


The year 2008 offered countless examples of the flaws and the respective safeguards that should have taken place in the financial world. As it is commonly said, the highest form of medicine is prevention.

A well-known saying for decades at his organization is that “Solid Foundations, Create Infinite Possibilities”. It is this business mindset that kept the trust during challenging times.

This type of business mindset set the base and new standard for the precision and his upgrade of the due diligence process and its sophisticated research and analysis functions that derived from Alexander’s prudent management.

Even the ‘post-transaction monitoring’ became even more advanced ensuring that both the operations and the different assets classes don’t bare unnecessary risks for the companies under management.

It should be noted that any entity under Alexander’s direct management has never lost funds even through crisis. His strict and prudent management protected and protects interests during normal, volatile or challenging market conditions.

These crises verified one thing to Alexander that his processes and techniques, conventional or unconventional during and after the crisis, worked well.  As an exceptionally hard working restless executive, he had the need to reinforce and upgrade to stronger and more technologically advanced ways for new order of things. And he did exactly that. A few years ago he further invested into all aspects of his reinforced and upgraded capital protection systems and mechanisms.

Alexander upgraded and reinforced capital protection systems by putting in effect:

• High-level financial information systems supported by cutting-edge technology
• Well-founded credit and market risk analysis & research functions 
• Multiple asset valuations and corporate valuation processes and methods
• Minimization of the downside potential and market volatility protection methods
• Accurate value assessment for standard and complex transactions
• Advanced fraud detection and fraud prevention mechanisms 
• Multi-level pre-screening & advanced screening methods
• Extensive and precise due diligence during all phases of a transaction
• Close monitoring on transactions in all phases, pre and post completion
• Versatile international legal protection fortification across industries

Alexander’s financial instincts have proven to be invaluable over the years. His ability to enter an industry at key times and his knack for predicting imminent financial crises make him a sought after lead investment executive today.

Alexander Christodoulakis’ skill has led Fortune 500 companies, world banks, leading hedge funds, and international joint ventures to pursue his expertise. Alexander sits on the boards of several companies and lends his talents to think tanks, multinational corporations, venture capital groups, state enterprises and government entities around the world.