Alexander Christodoulakis is an International Financier, and as CEO of PBS SA Capital Group is the lead investment executive who manages an international portfolio of companies. PBS SA Capital oversees a comprehensive global portfolio of company-group asset holdings in markets, ranging from transport, shipping, and energy to other industrial sectors.

Delivering calibrated financial solutions, the group encourages asset and solid enterprise growth. Alexander also fulfills merchant and investment banking functions and is experienced in stock market listings and secondary listings worldwide.

Amongst the various financial business operations and activities of PBS SA Capital, its corporate finance solutions aim to assist businesses to grow, expand and reposition themselves in the market.

The primary objective of corporate finance is the maximization of shareholder value through the application of short-term and long-term strategies that assist companies in obtaining new funds either from equity or debt sources.

Secondly, corporate finance is concentrated on the investment decisions made by a company in order to achieve the maximum potential return among a set of new ventures and projects. A well-structured capital budgeting strategy will successfully allocate the company’s funds and resources and will gradually grow the wealth of the shareholders through time.

The main functions carried out by corporate finance professionals predominantly deal within the scope of equity and debt financing or combination of both.

The equity part can include private equity and private placements, growth capital, stock exchange listing strategies and pre-listing capital solutions.

The debt side of things can generally include different credit type financing vehicles like secured, unsecured, convertible and callable bonds.

A debt, equity or hybrid type of financing can be also related to merger and acquisition activity, leveraged and management buyouts, capital restructurings, debt refinancings, new projects and specialized investment vehicles for joint ventures.

In the corporate finance spectrum, decision making can be a challenging task particularly due to the nature of the different components of the financing types and their appropriate combinations. Corporate finance optimizes the company’s capital structure by balancing the interests of both the equity holders and creditors without compromising a company’s value and emphasizing on its growth potential.