Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 4.23.47 PMAlexander Christodoulakis is an international financier and lead investment executive who guides PBS SA Capital Group. With a focus on energy, transportation and shipping industries, he has facilitated large-scale mergers and acquisitions and debt financing activities. Alexander Christodoulakis also fulfills merchant and investment banking functions and is experienced in IPOs and stock market listings. Alexander developed a maverick reputation for his swift market maneuvers, innovative and unorthodox, yet highly competitive financial solutions during challenging volatile market conditions.

Over two decades Alexander Christodoulakis has cultivated and enhanced a wide range of business expertise, which he uses to guide his management and co-investors to maintain portfolio value regardless of volatility or challenges in the economic climate.

Alexanders’ life has been characterized by extremely hard work, perseverance, and survival, and he has overcome a number of serious health issues, including a serious accident that left him in a coma. He has also overcome difficult economic headwinds that included the collapse of the worldwide shipping and financial markets. Having determined that a bubble existed, he exited the majority of his positions in the industry prior to mid-2008, when the crises both hit.

Committed to maintaining long-term financial relationships, Alexander Christodoulakis provided assistance to hedge funds, banks, and co-investors who were left exposed following the crisis. In particular, he helped conserve several millions of dollars within an extremely challenging environment. It should be noted that any entity under Alexander’s direct management has never lost funds even through a crisis. His strict and prudent management protected and protects interests during normal, volatile or challenging market conditions.

Alexander’s passion is to help companies grow, expand and reposition themselves in the market.

Using a vertically integrated management system within his corporate portfolio has helped to provide Alexander’s companies under management with a degree of stability and sustainability in a volatile global market. His management system enables asset and ship equity growth and alternative ship financing solutions. The ship financing solutions include fleet optimization, ship acquisition financing, ship refinancing and ship repair financing.

His first class ‘vertically integrated management system’ brings consistency and growth in the corporate management and capital financing cycles while the company is on a growth and expansion phase. His system is a management strategy used with an intertwined control with suppliers or distributors in order to increase the firm’s power in the marketplace reduce transaction costs and secure supplies or distribution capital as well as expand commercial channels.

Through PBS SA Capital Group, Alexander actively leads the firms’ global corporate management, investments, and its products and services. The company’s corporate finance strategy encompasses more than 10 stock markets in international capitals making it truly global. Its finance group provides services such as and not limited to, full ranges of financial services, capital structure optimization and the management of enhancing corporate asset growth.